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Life of a print job


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First step to placing your order is building your quote - this will help determine if you meet the following requirements:

  • Our minimums.

  • Have the proper artwork.

  • Know your order details.

Approve Invoice & Pay

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Once all we have your order details, we will create the official invoice and send it to you via email. 


If you approve it, we will then request your payment and proceed to the next step of your order.

Artwork / Mock Up Approval

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After you've approved your invoice and made your payment, your garments will be ordered and will be on their way to the print shop.


Meanwhile, one of our in-house designers will receive your work order and will begin the mock up of your project.


This is typically 24-48 hours after invoice approval. 

Let's Go Print

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​Now you've seen your digital mock up and given the thumbs up to go live - our designers then attach your work order and approval to your film positives and send those to our production department to begin printing.


From this point you're about 3-15 business days to seeing your project in person.

Orders Ready! 

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​Your order is ready!


You will receive an email from our production team as soon as they put the last shirt in the box. The email will have details as to where to pick up your order or if its being shipped.


Please note: shipping times are not included in the production times.

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